Reusable Cotton Face Mask

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Stop the Spread with a Reusable Face Mask 

During this time of social distancing and personal protection, it is important to have a face mask when going out to grab those essentials: groceries, medications, medical visits and checking in on vulnerable loved ones. Our Canadian face masks are for anyone and everyone. 

These washable, reusable cotton face covers have 3 layers of breathable cotton fabric. The outer two layers are pleated to allow for expansion. The inner layer is 100% cotton flannel and feels soft on your face. A filter can be placed between the layers for added protection.

How To Use

Do not touch your face while wearing this mask. Wash before first use in warm water; tumble dry low. Wash after each subsequent use. Remove mask by taking hold of the elastic loop and drop into laundry. Wash your hands thoroughly after removing the mask.

Reusable Face Mask Features:

✅ 100% Cotton
✅ Washable
✅ Reusable
✅ Insert area between layers for filter


  • Adults (21.6cmx14.6cm | 8.5"x5.5")
  • Kids (20.3cmx13.3cm | 8"x5.25")

Shipping Information

These will ship by Canada Post Standard Mail Delivery which has no tracking available and is subject to Canada Post delivery scheduled times. Customers may experience delays in delivery of up to three weeks due to the complications of COVID19 and the disruption to service schedules. If you require faster, secure delivery please purchase the expedited delivery option

** Actual mask may differ slightly from images shown. For example, the elastic may be white or black and the inner fabric may be an alternate colour, depending on available supplies.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL PRODUCT . These are not official medical masks and do not protect against germs you may come in contact with. This is not a device that can prevent or cure any disease. Wearing a mask may offer some amount of protection to others around you. Continue to maintain a safe distance from others of two meters or more while practising social distancing.

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Sharon Weller

Great product and reasonable delivery time